Multics at NI Days London 2017

National Instruments UK’s flagship event NI Days in the UK is just around the corner. Multics this year is presenting at this prestigious conference in the Power programming track. Attend a 45 minute session by our Architects to learn Continuous delivery (CD) in LabVIEW.

CD for the LabVIEW platform has been hard to realise due to lack of support for the platform. Not to mention the lack of stdin / stdout support natively by LabVIEW.

Our presentation Zero to Continuous Delivery using Pipelines and Blue Ocean aims to lower the barrier to entry using existing software packages released by NI Systems Engineering and James McNally’s LabVIEW CLI Interface. The presentation delves in to declarative pipelines, shared global libraries and blue ocean UI for Jenkins.

Jenkins Blue ocean features a nifty pipeline editor which allows users to add stages and steps with relative ease.

Pipeline Editor

Pipeline editor creates scripts in the background which may be edited by the user. Shortcut key Ctrl + S invokes the script window featuring corresponding code.

Pipeline script

Jenkins recognises a Jenkinsfile checked in to sourcecode control and attempts to run it. An example below:

Example Jenkinsfile

Blue Ocean vastly improves the Jenkins User Interface. A typical test run is shown below:

Build Result

Attend our NI Days London 2017 presentation scheduled at 13:00 on Tuesday the 28th November 2017 to learn more.

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