ATE Design & Development


Engineers at Multics have extensive experience in design and development of ATE systems for Aerospace, Medical, Semi-Conductor, Oil & Gas, Automotive and industrial Automation sectors. We specialise in ATE systems using COTS instruments.


ATE software design and development factors scalability, modularity, re-usability and ease of use as main consideration points. Our software features hardware abstraction layers and utilises plug-in architecture to ensure instrument changes in the event of obsolesence issues or upgrades is possible with minimal effort. This is particularly useful in regulated industries by minimising the revalidation effort to just the new driver as the rest of the code remains the same.

Software & Test Development


Our engineers are adept and are certified to a minimum of Developer (CLD) status before they take ownership of even the smallest of modules. We develop LabVIEW based software for control systems, data acquisition, logging and more or less for anything that involves a hardware interface. They are also used as custom step type sub-steps in TestStand.


Our engineers are capable of providing any level of customisation to a TestStand environment. This mainly can be process models, model plugins, report generation, custom step types and Operator Interfaces. We also generate sequences for our clients based on a test requirements document.


We use Microsoft .net for most of our non-hardware based solutions. Our engineers have advanced C# and C++ skills. We undertake new software development or migration from C++ to C# code or re-engineering existing code with UML documentation. We are part of the Microsoft Partner Network.


We have extensive experience in developing vbs scripts to analyse and mine data using NI DIAdem software.

Boundary Scan Test

Engineers at Multics are skilled in Boundary scan test solution development. Tools used include JTAG Technologies Provision, Goepel CASCON and XJTAG XJDeveloper.

Hardware and PCB Design

Multics can provide hardware design services suited to your needs. PCB design is carried in Cadstar.

DFT Analysis and Consultation

Design for Test analysis and recommendations to improve test quality and coverage. We will work with your hardware engineers to ensure that your product has the best possible coverage.

Project Management

Outsource your project management to Multics. We can ensure your project runs smooth with timely updates and on-time delivery


Hire our highly qualified consultants to help with your technical challenges in Software, Hardware and Systems Engineering at your site regardless of the duration. We can also help you kickstart your project by setting up version control, continuous integration and delivery, issue tracking and common tools and frameworks.

Mobile Application Development

We have experience developing applications for Android, IOS and Windows mobile platforms.

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