Our Projects

Hydro mechanical Valve Control

Software - LABVIEW 2013, CDAQ

LabVIEW based multi-threaded, versatile control software for high pressure hydraulic valve validation testing and qualification for a leading oil and gas firm. The software needed to be robust and reliable as one of the 6 tests lasted as long as 6 months. The software also had to shut-down the tests gracefully if any of the user defined physical parameters are outside specified limits. The operator has the choice to connect sensors to any of the cDAQ modules, hence the software needed to generic and configurable. Users were also given the option to save a configuration and to load them at a later point.

TestStand Operator Interface


TestStand Operator Interface developed for a repair facility with user based sequence execution and debug options including custom reports and yield displays. The Operator Interface picks up a database file with all sequences. The database file is maintained by an admin and an Operator is only allowed to run a sequence marked released, an administrator however is allowed to run other sequences but they are clearly marked in any generated reports.

PS: The screenshot was generated using a test database.

Generic ATE Design and Development


Generic ATE design and development based on COTS components. This involved design of all instrumentation, interfacing solutions (VPC), cables, fixtures, drawings and detailed build instructions. Software framework based on TestStand / LabVIEW Custom Step Types for an Aerospace firm. Hardware abstraction layer to mitigate obsolescence. This system was used in both production and for qualification tests which meant that production sequences in most cases were just a subset of qualification tests and they were already quite mature there by reducing validation effort and more importantly saving time and money.

Data Analysis and Report Generation

Using DIAdem - DIADEM 2012

Offline data analysis and custom report generation of a medical trial using DIAdem software. Data collected over 90 days at an interval of 100ms was to be analysed for irregularities and to measure system performance.

Custom analysis routines and report templates were generated to allow the customer to load new sets of data and to run the same analysis. The customer can specify limits or specific criteria in an easy to use User Interface.

Bolus Injection System


Developed a precision, bolus injection system to study the effect of regional deposition of fine particulate matter within the human respiratory system and to investigate the optimal conditions for inhaled drug delivery.

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